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We started Sunbridge Solar to work on projects that we are passionate about

Having an impact that goes beyond a successful solar installation is important to us.  Each year we take a portion of our gross sales and use it fund or work on international or local projects that make life better for those in need.

This is our way of paying things forward.

2017 Colombia + Amazon Humanitarian Projects

Sunbridge Solar traveled to Colombia and the Amazon to work on two humanitarian solar projects alongside our partners Solosolar. The first humanitarian solar installation was installed on a rural orphanage outside of Bogota called Hogar San Mauricio. The second solar installation was donated to a nonprofit in the Amazon called Habitat Sur.

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2016 International Education Sharing in Nepal & Colombia

2016 was a year where we brought the international projects to Portland instead of going abroad. Our commitment remains to work on one international project every year. This year we sponsored our friend and now business partner Jeevan Baidya to come visit us here in Portland from his home in Nepal. We also met a young entrepreneur Natalia Gomez of Bogota, Colombia and invited her to work with us for a week.

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2015 Solar Aid Project Announced for Rural Communities in Nepal

This year, Sunbridge Solar will work directly with a small, Nepalese firm called Gham Power. Gham Power, a solar installation company, was founded in Nepal by Nepalese owners and maintains strong ties to communities in which they work.

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2013 The Burma Solar Empowerment Project

We are excited to announce our 2013, International sponsorship of Green Empowerment and their critical work in Eastern Burma.

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2012 International Project: Bayalpata Hospital, Achham, Nepal

From the Owner of Sunbridge Solar: Jordan Weisman… As a student, I traveled to Nepal in 2001 and spent six months learning the language and becoming immersed in the culture. It was a life-changing experience for me … I have dreamed for many years of using my passion and knowledge of solar energy to…

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Previous Projects

Our annual commitment to International Humanitarian Projects began in 2012. But international work has been a passion for much longer than that. The projects below were completed prior to 2012.

solarPanelonRoofSolar LED Lighting in Nepal

In cooperation with the University of Colorado division of Engineers without Borders, we participated in a development project in the community of Namsaling located in the Eastern hills of Nepal. One  solar panel was installed on the rooftop of the school to power an array of homemade LED light clusters. The students learned about the basics of electricity. They then designed and built their very own LED lights. We also set up a solar panel on a medical clinic that powers a few lights, a laptop computer, and a radio that communicates with a hospital across the valley. This project was the first step in setting up a telemedicine program. Once established, patients at the medical clinic in the village would be able to communicate with a doctor in the hospital.


In Zimbabwe food is cooked over an open fire in big cast iron pots. Firewood is scarce is some areas and can be a costly expense, especially when every penny counts. Teaming up with the Zimbabwe Red Cross society, we worked on a solar cooking promotion project. Using a very simple cardboard solar cooker called the Cookit developed by Solar Cookers International, we had several demonstrations that showed how to prepare food using the cooker.

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