Our Global Involvement

We Work On Projects That We Are Passionate About

Having an impact that goes beyond a successful solar installation is important to us.  Each year we take a portion of our gross sales and use it fund or work on international or local projects that make life better for those in need.


This Is Our Way Of Paying Things Forward.

An image of Sunbridge Solar Nepal employees weld solar mounting system together.

2017 Rural Nepal Water Pumping Project

Image of a man carrying solar panel in the Amazon rainforest with Sunbridge Solar

2017 Colombia + Amazon Humanitarian Project

Image of Sunbridge Solar's solar education exchange 2016

2016 International Solar Education Sharing

Image of a solar water pump nepal sunbridge

2015 Solar Power In Rural Nepalese Communities

A Burma Solar Power In Remote Village

2013 Burma Solar Empowerment Project

The 2012 Solar Powered Bayalpata Hospital Nepal

2012 Solar Powered Bayalpata Hospital, Nepal

Giving Back To The Pacific Northwest

Because we call the Pacific Northwest our home we love to help our communities grow even stronger. Read how Sunbridge Solar contributes back into our local economies and education.

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