How Sunbridge Solar
Gives Back

It Means Sharing Our Success With The Less Fortunate

But we go further than just our local economy. We also believe that sharing our success includes those among us that don’t have the same advantages we do. In that spirit, we select worthy humanitarian solar projects that we can support on at least an annual basis.

Our support may sometimes be financial, but it is often created in nature and can take many forms, from free solar energy education for public school children, to “boots on the ground” work on solar aid projects abroad.

Please take a moment to browse our past humanitarian projects, and please don’t hesitate to suggest a project that you feel could be a fit for our team!

We Believe In Giving Back To The Communities We Play A Part In

At Sunbridge, our vision of a successful business includes more than just our profit margin.

That means paying our employees a living wage, providing health and financial benefits, and creating a healthy work environment that fosters creativity and personal growth.  It also means fair and competitive pricing for our customers so that they can receive the very best in solar energy, at a reasonable cost, from one of the most experienced solar installation crew in the Portland-metro area!

We believe solar is so much more than just panels on the roof and energy savings. That is why this year we are sponsoring a solar installer from the solar company we partnered with in Nepal. He will be with us while we install a 55 kW system. He hopes to take what he learns with us back to Nepal to make his community stronger.

Check Out Our Latest 2017 Humanitarian Project. Colombia + Amazon River Project

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