5 Reasons to Switch to Solar in the PNW

One of the energy sources that receive the most attention it seems nowadays is solar energy. More rooftops than ever before have solar panels installed, and solar farms are being built all over the world and here in the Pacific Northwest. For a number of reasons, solar is growing in popularity, and more and more people are understanding its advantages. Here are 5 reasons to convert to solar energy if you are thinking about it.

1. Solar Energy Saves Money

The most apparent benefit of going solar is financial savings. You may save money with solar panels in two ways. In the beginning, solar panels may lower your power costs. The power generated by solar panels throughout the day may be utilized to reduce the amount of electricity you would otherwise have to buy from your utility provider.

You could even be allowed to sell your energy provider any extra power in specific circumstances. Second, solar panels may raise your home’s value. Homes, according to National Renewable Energy Laboratory research are more likely to also be sold than homes without solar installed.

2. Solar Energy Is Environmentally Friendly

A clean, renewable energy source of electricity without question is solar energy. Solar energy systems do not release pollutants that may contaminate the air and cause climate change, in contrast to fossil fuels. While solar does have a carbon footprint because it takes resources to manufacture them, compared to the entire supply chain of fossil fuels it’s just a fraction of a fraction.

3. Increasing Energy Independence with Solar

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our biggest threat is the giant earthquake we keep hearing about as well as wildfires. If something may suddenly happens, the grid most certainly will be affected. Without electricity, not much can be done or secured. That is why more and more homeowners are choosing solar with battery backup to solve this problem. 

Despite the grid is down, the sun will always be shining powering your home and storing excess energy in your batteries to use at night. 

4. Solar Energy Provides Employment 

Solar energy is a fast-expanding business that is generating jobs across a wide range of industries. Jobs in solar energy are expanding in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, sales, marketing, and solar panel installation. And the best part is it’s impossible to outsource installation jobs to a far-away factory.

5. Solar Is Dependable

The sun will always come up every day. It might be cloudy some days, but when it’s an emergency, what would you pay per kilowatt-hour to have electricity?

Is solar worth it in the Pacific Northwest?

Solar panel installations work well in the Northwest. The area has abundant sunshine, and there are several incentives in place to promote the growth of solar energy. If you are considering putting up solar panels in the Pacific Northwest, here are a few things to think about.

1. Solar Energy Is Becoming More Affordable

Solar energy is now more accessible than ever thanks to a sharp decline in the price of solar panels. How much solar panels cost depends on many factors now. Some of these factors include power, size, color, shape, and even where it is made. We recommended American-made products, but it’s up to you.

2. Many Available Incentives

The Pacific Northwest has several incentive schemes in place to promote the growth of solar energy. In addition to several state and local governments providing rebates and other incentives, the federal government provides a tax credit for solar energy installations. These initiatives may lower the cost of solar energy and make it simpler to recuperate your investment in solar panels over time.

3. You Can Save Money With Solar Energy

Solar energy may help you save money on your power costs, as was already discussed. Daytime power generation from solar panels may help you avoid having to buy electricity from your utility provider. You could even be allowed to sell your energy provider any extra power in specific circumstances.

4. Solar energy is environmentally friendly

A clean, renewable energy source is solar energy. Solar panels do not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as they create electricity, in contrast to fossil fuels. 

True, when the manufacturer creates the panels (less if powered by its own solar panels), emissions are produced; nevertheless, when compared to centralized fossil power plants, the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by panels is insignificant. Also, the carbon footprint will be negative during the course of the solar panel installation.

Free Site Inspection & Visit

The Pacific Northwest is a fantastic region to convert to solar energy if you are considering it. To assist you to decide whether solar is the correct choice for you, we provide complimentary site visits. Contact us right now to arrange a free site inspection.

Who is Sunbridge Solar?

Sunbridge Solar is a solar energy provider that specializes in solar panel installation for homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations. We are situated in the Pacific Northwest, and we are proud to help Oregon and Washington residents with switching to a clean, renewable source of energy.

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Adam Walters

Adam Walters

Adam Walters is a writer and solar industry expert with over a decade of experience. He has written extensively on topics related to renewable energy, sustainability, and climate change, and is a passionate advocate for the transition to clean energy sources.

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