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You are so there’s been around for a long time. But the time the reason why people are going solar now more than ever is because the technology has come a long way utility prices are skyrocketing. They’re increasing every single year. So when you install a solar system on your home, you’re owning your electricity. I researched a lot of companies, but no one compared them to Sunbridge solar.

Sunbird solar is one of the most respected solar authorities in the Pacific Northwest as an established B Corp. Sunbridge solar focuses on transparency and accountability meeting the highest standards and a commitment to give back Sunbridge solar is an integral partner. And because solar is the most practical form of residential renewable energy. We intend to partner with them in the long run because we know that we can trust them that they will provide quality service and education and advocacy for our homeowners. 

Our mission at Sunbridge solar is to make solar energy accessible for everyone. I’ve visited and stayed in so many places without light at night, you know watch kids studying at night over a candle and seeing what it’s like to be able to flip on the lights in a like a little place in the woods who have who’s never had light before just how impactful it was for those were some of the inspiration behind wanting to get into this, you know energy field Sunbridge helped me identify my options. Solar panels batteries financing to even the tax credits I could get to make this make sense for me.

Sunbird solar reputation is attributed to having some of the most experienced and dedicated solar installers in the industry. Some bridges a household name these days in this area is because of the quality of work that we do and people trust us honesty and transparency is our highest value in Sunbridge to keep you informed and up to date on the process of the job and to get the solar on your roof the safest fastest way possible. 

We get a lot of positive reviews from our customer and even inspectors and inspect our jobs refers to customers because they like the work we do the satisfaction that I get working at Sunbridge solar comes from the hard work and the care and the thought that goes into every job that I do.

One of the things I really like about my solar system is that I can find out how much power I’m using and how much power I’m generating. In fact, even right now. I’m selling power back to the utility.

sunbridge team celebrating a completed humanitarian solar project



Adam Walters

Adam Walters

Adam Walters is a writer and solar industry expert with over a decade of experience. He has written extensively on topics related to renewable energy, sustainability, and climate change, and is a passionate advocate for the transition to clean energy sources.

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