Solar Energy Grants For Oregon Nonprofits

Solar Energy Grants In Oregon

Any Oregon nonprofit who pays utility bills to either Portland General Electric (PGE) or Pacific Power are eligible to receive up to 100% in solar energy grants to make the switch to sustainable solar power. Pacific Power solar rebate program is called the Blue Sky Community Project Fund. PGE solar program is called Renewable Development Fund.

Both programs go through a competitive award process and recipients are selected based on a number of criteria. We recommend signing up for a free consultation with one of our local estimators. Our estimators are well versed in both programs and have successfully won grant funding for local Oregon nonprofits.

PGE Solar Rebate Program

The PGE solar power grant program is the most successful of its kind in the country. Covering up to 100% of the capital costs, the Renewable Development Fund (RDF) offers competitive energy grants for any PGE nonprofit developing their own solar energy projects.

Pacific Power Solar Rebate Program

The Pacific Power solar grant program funding awards cover up to 100% of the total costs to install qualifying, new solar electric systems for any nonprofit in Pacific Power’s service area.

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Free Grant Writing Services

In order to for any nonprofit to receive solar grant funding, the organization must submit an application to either PGE or Pacific Power. Because the grants are highly competitive, the final application must be thoroughly complete and meet certain deadlines.

When you work with Sunbridge Solar, we provide free grant writing services because we understand you are busy with your nonprofit and on a lean budget. We recommend signing up for a solar consultation (also free!) to begin the conversation about how solar can help your nonprofit achieve even more.

Latest Award Recipients

Tucker Maxon School latest nonprofit customer to receive 85% funding from solar energy grants through Blue Sky Community Project Fund. The energy savings will go into enhancing school programs for the students.

About. Tucker Maxon has been ranked among the top schools in the country and valued for its innovative service and dedication to teaching hearing impaired and typical hearing children to speak, learn, laugh and sing together!

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