Residential Solar Electric

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy. Homeowners taking advantage of these systems enjoy the financial freedom from rising electricity prices and the comfort and pride of bettering the planet. With environmental and economic benefits, no other investment is comparable to clean, renewable solar power.

no money down solar financing

0% Due Upfront

Switch to green energy, with no money down. There are affordable financing options for every homeowner.

lower your utility bill

Lock-In Low Rates

When has your electric utility inform you they will be charging you less? Lock-in rates with net energy metering (NEM).

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Solar Incentives

Take advantage of state and federal solar incentives designed to encourage the use of home grown energy.



Why Choose Solar Electric?

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25-Year Warranties

Solar electricity has been the fastest growing energy technology over the last decade. The system comes with a 25-year warranty and is built to last decades.

Return on investment

As utility prices continue to rise, your solar electric system will continue to supply electricity at market rates and your savings will grow.

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Financing options

Using solar-specific financing options and getting the benefit of lower monthly utility bills make solar an affordable option for every homeowner and situation.

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30% Federal Tax Credit

Solar electric systems qualify for a 30% Renewable Energy Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) from the government.

How Solar Works

In short, solar electric systems work by harvesting the sun’s light and changing it into usable electricity our home’s can use.

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Step 1: Protons his the solar panel knocking negatively-charged electrons loose from their atoms creating direct current (DC) energy.

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Step 2: Inside an inverter, the electrons are converted from DC energy to alternating current (AC) which is used in the home.

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Step 3: Any excess solar electric you do not consume will turn your meter backwards earning you retail rate net metering credits.


There are two primary types of PV systems:

grid tied and standalone.

Grid Tied

The most popular grid tied system is designed to operate with your utility company and any unused power is then fed back to the electric company to be used at a later time.

Stand Alone

Standalone systems are designed to stand independent of the power grid and use batteries to store energy. Standalone systems are usually used in remote locations away from the energy grid.

What People are Saying About Sunbridge Solar

We compared price offers from 4 different solar companies, and Sunbridge was by far the best. Not only did they finish the project in less time, but they also did it more cheaply and passed the savings on to us. These people are extraordinary, in every way possible.