Is Solar Worth It in Walla Walla, Washington?

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    Is solar worth it in Walla Walla? If you doubt the viability of solar energy in Washington state, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

    Washington is known for being one of the cloudiest states, but that’s not stopping people from adopting more solar energy methods. Washington is complex, making it difficult to calculate how many sunny days compared to how many rainy days they get each year. Washington has different regions, different climates, and various seasons. On average, Washington gets about 165 sunny days per year, while the average in the U.S. is 205.

    The Solar Energy Industries Association ranks Washington 36th in the nation. Regardless, Washington has progressive policies and renewable energy portfolio standards, making it a great place for clean energy in the upcoming future. While WA solar power production is low compared to states like California, experts expect an increase over the next couple of years. Therefore, Walla Walla solar energy may not be too far-fetched.

    Pros and Cons of Solar Panels in Walla Walla

    This next section will dive into some considerations to keep in mind regarding solar panels in Walla Walla.

    In general, installing solar panels in Washington allows you to access federal and financial incentives that will save you money during this time when electricity costs are steadily increasing. If you have higher electricity usage and moderate sun exposure, then there’s a strong possibility that a solar panel system is right for you.


    You gain financial and environmental benefits when you transition to solar energy. The cost to install solar panels is low, and there’s a short payback period, meaning you can recover costs within a few years. With solar panels, you’ll see a lifetime of energy savings and count on lower energy bills.

    Property owners take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar power, saving money with affordable financing options. You can purchase solar panels through cash, as most do, leading to long-term value saving thousands of dollars. The best part is that if you have a big job to do, you can purchase solar panels in bulk for a discount. Consider if the initial costs will outweigh the long-term savings of the investment.

    The good news is that Washington’s temperature and climate are mild. So, you won’t have to use the air conditioning or heating systems as often. On the downside, you won’t get as much money back compared to states with higher electric bills. Despite that, solar panels are a worthwhile investment when it comes to saving money.

    Renewable Energy

    You protect the natural beauty of Washington with solar panels. Solar panels reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the local air quality. The amount of energy is directly related to how much sunlight you get at your house.

    Solar panels help save this planet by using sunlight to produce energy and not having the usual utility services. In other words, you minimize your expenses with renewable and clean energy. You also don’t use as many fossil fuels when you equip your house with solar panels.


    The solar panel cost ranges based on your energy needs. You also have to consider HOA requirements, the quality of the solar panels, your roof angle, and the installation costs. Throughout the United States, the average cost of solar panels has decreased over the past ten years.

    With an increased cost of living and higher electricity rates, the concept of solar energy becomes more appealing. A rise in production and demand for sustainable energy makes solar panels more affordable for the average person now than a few years ago. Overall, the long-term cost will be less and utility bills will not affect solar power generation. The location and solar power usage will help determine its cost-effectiveness.

    Quality and Quantity

    Be mindful of the system’s quality, appearance, and durability. These aspects vary depending on the provider and your budget. The size of the panel alongside your roof and energy needs will determine how much you spend.

    Solar panels generally consist of silicon layers, conducting strips, metal backings, anti-reflective layers, and glass coatings, which according to the Department of Energy, make solar panels more efficient.

    Find a reputable contractor who provides consultations and solar solutions. Additionally, you have to factor in your average energy consumption and how many people live in your house, seeing that will impact the overall system costs. There are financial incentives for going solar, which we’ll describe more in the next section

    Walla Walla Solar Incentives & Tax Credits

    You can apply the energy system to your federal tax credits when you purchase instead of lease solar panels. In addition, net metering buys back credits from excess electrical power that you generate and send back to the grid.

    The investment tax credit helps make solar energy more attractive to first-time buyers with reliable and impactful incentives. In short, you can deduct the total system cost via solar tax credits. State discounts fluctuate due to complex pricing, frequent changes that are subject to change year by year, and individual variations like property taxes.

    You can expect to pay less regardless, but you have to put some work into determining what incentives you qualify for. If you charge the solar system on your credit card but make the payments on time, you can boost your credit score so that’s a win. The overall cost of the solar system can drop dramatically if you take advantage of these solar incentives and credits.

    Top Questions Asked by Walla Walla Residents

    Are you still not sure about installing solar panels on your Walla Walla home? Then, take a look at the following questions asked by other Walla Walla residents to see if they answer what’s on your mind. You may also 

    Not only does this process change the aesthetic of the installation, but it helps you better understand the various factors that go into solar panel installation. The best solar panels available have premium efficiencies and warranties, but they’re more costly. It also depends on the size of your installation, and you can consult with a professional to ask if high-efficiency solar panels are worth it.

    A professional Walla Walla solar company will conduct a site assessment and analysis before drafting up required permits and documentation. After that, an assigned team installs the panels before a government representative inspects the final result. Good solar companies have a solid understanding of what your needs are, meeting your requirements, and the state regulations. A solar energy system can last over 20 years past its installation.

    If you’re interested in solar energy, it’s not a decision to make lightly. As seen in this article, there are many considerations before committing, but the cost and benefits outweigh the negatives. You improve the environment, save money, and installing solar panels increases your home value. Therefore, when you sell your place, you can ask for a higher price. Panels also help increase the lifespan of your roof, adding a layer of protection against rain, snow, and wind.

    So, Is It Worth It?

    Installing solar panels in Walla Walla depends on your needs and lifestyle. However, Washington is a great example of a state taking the greener route despite the poor weather conditions. Even though Washington experiences more cloudy days than normal, the outlook of solar energy is positive because of the higher than normal sunny months, reaping the rewards and showing how much solar can help save money and the environment.

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    Adam Walters

    Adam Walters

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