Is Solar Worth It In Spokane, Washington?

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    The desire to support clean energy is a global trend. Perhaps this is more evident in Spokane, Washington, where sunny days make solar panel installation even more lucrative.

    The short answer is yes, solar is worth it in Spokane, WA. But, you may be concerned with the upfront costs and whether or not solar will save you money in the long run. And these are good questions, as you typically need to pay a high cost for solar installation.

    Make the initial investment, and you will see a payoff in the long run. Solar panels are meant to last for decades, and the average household can save thousands of dollars simply by using them

    Do Solar Panels Work in Spokane, WA?

    The average solar panel system in Spokane, WA, produces around 4.05 kWh of electricity each day. That’s enough to power a home with 10,000 kWh per year (average usage) for 27 years!

    How Much Sunlight Do You Get in Spokane, Washington?

    There are 260 sunny days per year in Spokane, WA. There are also about 34 cloudy days and 71 partly cloudy days.

    For context: the US has 205 sunny days per year and 125 partly cloudy days.

    Electricity Rates in Spokane

    The average electricity rate in Spokane is 6.5 ¢/kWh. Assuming an average cost for installation of about $3.50 per watt (including equipment), installing solar panels on a 2,000-square-foot home in Spokane would cost about $36,000 and save you around $1,100 a year in electric bills.

    How Long To Profit from Spokane Solar Panels

    Currently, the average cost of installing solar panels in Spokane is $3.87 per watt or $15,480 for a 4 kW system. After adjusting for tax credits and incentives, your total cost would be approximately $9,280.

    Thus, with solar energy savings alone, you would break even on your investment within about 7 years and make back your initial investment in about 10 years.

    When you account for other considerations, such as raising property value and increasing resale prices, it becomes obvious that investing in solar panels at the average cost of solar panels in Spokane is worth every penny.

    If you're interested in having 12 solar panels installed at your home, it's best to consult with a solar panel installation company for an exact estimate. However, you can estimate this based on the cost of a single panel. For a 4kw solar system, your total solar panel cost would be $1290 (including labor and permits) x 12 = $15,480

    If you want to put solar panels on your roof, one of the most important factors is that you have enough sun exposure. If a tree blocks access to the sun, you will not be able to power your home with solar energy adequately.


    The question comes down to math: Are you saving enough money on electricity bills plus reducing more carbon footprint to make up for what the tree is worth?


    If you find that the cost of cutting down your tree for solar panels is not worth it, all may not be lost if you look elsewhere to install them

    solar panels on a home in vancouver Washington

    Are Incentives Available in Spokane?

    There are several solar tax credits and rebates in Spokane that you may qualify for.

    Renewable Energy Sales and Usage Tax Exemption

    Washington State is home to many renewable energy systems that are either exempt or partially exempt from sales/use tax. Some of these include solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric generators.

    These renewable energy generation systems receive partial exemptions, ranging from 40% to 75%. Exemption certificates are available from the Department of Energy and Revenue.

    Net Metering

    Net metering is the ability to “roll back” the meter when you produce more energy than you are consuming. A customer’s electric utility will credit their monthly electricity bill for the amount of electricity they send back to the grid.

    You might ask, “How do I know if I am producing more energy than I am consuming?” The answer is that you either need to keep track of it yourself or sign up for a service that can monitor this for you.

    Washington State has some of the most generous and reliable net metering policies in the country, so if you’re considering going solar in Washington, there’s never been a better time to go for it.

    How Do I Calculate My Solar Potential for Spokane?

    To calculate how much you could save by going solar, you need to know how much your current electricity bill is and the size of the solar panel system that would be required to generate enough energy to offset that usage.

    The right size for your system depends on how much sunlight hits your roof and other factors that a professional solar installer can determine during a free consultation.

    If you add up all the electricity you use in a year and multiply it by the electricity rate in Spokane, then divide by 12, that’s how much you pay each month. Ultimately, that’s what you’re saving every month with solar panels.

    So, Is Solar Worth It in Spokane?

    At Sunbridge Solar, we believe solar panels can help you save money. We’ve been installing solar panel systems in homes and businesses throughout the city for years.

    Thousands of homes and businesses in Spokane are already taking advantage of the savings they provide. If you’re interested in installing solar panels, we’d love to help you learn more about them.

    If you’re not sure whether or not solar energy is the right solution for you, you’re not alone! We can help you to make the right call for your needs by providing you with a quote customized to your specific situation.

    The first step is providing us with the necessary information about your home or business and what you’re looking to do. Once we fully understand the situation, we can provide you with excellent options for solar power in your area for less than what you’re paying for traditional energy sources today!

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    Adam Walters

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