Is Solar Worth It in Portland, Oregon?

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    With the Rain, is Solar Even Worth It in Portland?

    Portland, Oregon is well known for its long rainy winters which may lead many people to believe that solar doesn’t work here. What we lose in the sunshine in the wintertime Portland makes up for in the long and sunny summers. Year-round, Portland has a solar resource equivalent to Germany, one of the world’s solar powerhouses.

    In order to determine if installing solar panels in Portland, Oregon makes sense you need to take into account various factors, such as cost, incentives, and solar access.

    Is Solar Worth It To Cut Down Trees?

    The orientation of your roof and the amount of shading play a significant role in determining your Rate of Return. The best scenario to have in Portland Oregon is a south-facing roof sloping at an angle of 30 degrees with zero shadings by trees, light poles, or other buildings.

    Sometimes there will be a tree that reduces the solar access to your roof. To increase access, cutting the tree down is the only option. However, if the tree brings other benefits to you (cooling during summer, privacy, etc) it may not be worth it to cut it down. At Sunbridge Solar, we can provide you with quotes showing scenarios that include keeping the tree or removing the tree.

    The best way to determine whether your home or business is suitable for solar is to request a free on-site evaluation with us at no obligation. Within a few days, you will know:

    1. How much sunlight reaches your property

    2. The maximum amount of solar energy you can generate

    3. How much you will save monthly and yearly.

    Is Solar Worth It After Solar Incentives Applied?

    Are the incentives worth it? They are! The federal government of the United States offers a major tax incentive to boost the use of solar panels and to propel the green revolution forward. There is a very attractive 26% solar tax credit offered to both commercial and residential customers.

    On top of the 30% federal tax credit, there are state incentives, as well as, city-wide incentives:

    View All Oregon Solar Incentives 

    What is the Average Cost Of Solar In Portland, OR?

    Based on our past installation history our average cost of solar panels in Portland, OR is $2.87/watt. To promote citizens to opt for solar energy as their power generators, the federal solar tax credit decreases a typical solar panel system from $23,088 to $16,162. 

    Another aspect that concerns many while installing a solar panel system is the benefit it produces. A solar panel might take up to 8.3 years to recover your investment at the time of installation in Portland. However, using our customers are seeing up to $17,424 in energy savings during a period of twenty years (see how much you can save).

    Solar panels might take their time to benefit the user but they are highly efficient when it comes to long-term usage and opting for an eco-friendly energy alternative.

    Is Solar Worth It To Finance?

    Owning your own solar panels brings the most benefits to you. By financing and not leasing, you will receive all the cost-saving benefits of solar at a low-interest rate. Instead of splitting the savings with a leading solar company, you will earn 100%.

    In case you need to move, our financing options are fully transferable to the next homeowner making your investment more flexible and easy to manage. We have a variety of financing options with local credit unions and will work with you to find the best solution. You can find out more by calling one of our local Solar Consultants at (360)313-7190.

    So, Is Solar Worth It in PDX?

    We think so and so do the more than 10,000s Portlanders who already have made the switch. Because we believe you find it a good investment, we’ll provide you with a free consultation and roof analysis for your home or business.

    We provide you with all the information you need in a simple to understand quote at no obligation to purchase. We will make sure solar is worth it to you as an investment. Experience freedom from rising electricity rates by going solar. Get started today!

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