Solar on the Rise in Portland, Oregon

Solar on the Rise in Portland, Oregon

The United States has been rapidly shifting its power generation to solar. With a five-year projection of 2,144 megawatts in the state of Oregon, Portland is walking towards a golden opportunity by using the long summer sun and existing and new Oregon residential solar incentives available only to Portlanders as early as 2020.

Portland on the Way to Change

Portland, Oregon, is a pleasant sight to one’s eyes with its natural beauty. Most developed cities around the world are progressing towards more efficient, power saving and environment-friendly sources of energy in accordance with the changing times; and Portland is no exception to this change.

The first aspect that prevents many from adopting a solar panel for the generation of energy is its cost. Apart from the money spent on the equipment itself, the soft cost of the installation process adds to the total expense. But, times have changed for the better, because the costs for solar panels in Portland have dropped significantly by a margin of 60 percent since the year 2010, leading to a wide-open possibility of turning the world into a solar superpower.

Easy Maintenance and Long Sun Hours

We are no strangers to the fact that using solar panels not only decreases the average electricity bills but due to its mechanical systems simplicity, they require very little maintenance.  With an average 25 manufacture warranty solar panels just needs some time after installation for the user to start attaining the benefits of it.

Currently, the state of Oregon has approximately 158 solar companies that provide energy to more than 30,000 houses. Despite the rainy, wet weather that Oregon and Washington face from time to time, they also enjoy the long days of summer. With daylight hours stretching from 5 AM to 10 PM, even more than Germany, which is the current world leader when it comes to reliable, environmentally friendly sources of energy.

The Average Cost of Solar in Portland, OR

According to the recent statistics by SolarReviews, as of April 2019, the average cost of solar panels in Portland, OR is $3.87/watt. To promote citizens to opt for solar energy as their power generators, the federal solar tax credit decreases a typical 6000-watt solar panel system from $23,088 to $16,162. This might be the reason why the state of Oregon stands proudly at a rank of 15th in the nation for savings from installing solar panels in houses.

Another aspect that concerns many while installing a solar panel system is the benefit it produces. A solar panel might take up to 8.3 years recover your investment at the time of installation in Portland.

However, using a solar panel helps you save up to $17,424 during a period of twenty years. Solar panels might take their time to benefit the user but they are highly efficient when it comes to long term usage and opting for an eco-friendly energy alternative.

Pick Your Solar Panel Wisely

The cost of solar panels highly relies on your electricity consumption. Appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners, etc., demand high power of electricity. Thus, if one studies their daily electricity consumption correctly and installs a solar panel in accordance with their needs, a good amount of money can be saved without much effort.

To make this practical, many solar panel system companies in Portland offer to calculate your electricity utilization to tell you the right type of panel for ultimate efficiency.

Cost of Choosing the Right Equipment

The cost of solar panels in Portland also depends on the inverters you pick and the brand of solar panels installed. The company you opt for the installation also plays a major part in determining the cost value of the panels. Since solar panels come in various sizes, the right pick suiting your consumption level might also help to reduce any remaining expenditure.

Lower the Cost of Solar Panels with NEM

Due to the stretched daylight hours of Portland, the solar panels create more energy than required, which goes back to the utility grid of the system. This is where net-energy metering or NEM comes to rise.

The excess electricity that is generated during these hours, through NEM, can be distributed to neighboring houses or can be stored for days that might not be as shiny to generate enough energy. The weather of Oregon and Washington, thus, plays an essential role in encouraging these states to develop into the field of solar panel systems.

Another Reason to Opt for Solar Panels

The world is changing, and so is technology. In the blink of an eye, new systems and ideas are born right from scratch. Solar panel systems, like any source of energy present in today’s market, comes with some cons attached to its belt. But the perks that come along with it overpower the negatives.

For regions like Oregon and Washington that live under a good amount of the sun’s presence, it is a good idea to use solar panels. It not only proves to fetch gains in the long run but also satisfies the moral duties we have towards a home that we all share as one; the Earth.

What is Next?

As you read, solar is on the rise in Portland, Oregon. With long summer suns, government incentives, and cheap electric bills, now is the time to see if your home is suitable to generate clean and renewable solar energy. Request a free quote today or call (360) 313-7190).