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The most popular solar company referral program in Oregon and Washington. Earn $500 cash per completed project.

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    #1 Solar Company Referral Program

    We believe the quality of our solar power systems speaks for itself, but we could use your help getting the word out. Do you know someone who is interested in solar? Do you want to earn some of the easiest money you’ll ever make in your life? Then keep reading to learn about our solar company referral program!

    How Does It Work?

    If you refer a friend to us through our solar referral program, simply have them mention your name when they call us to get started. Then, both you and your friend will earn a referral bonus once that friend’s home solar system is up and running! It couldn’t be any easier, and you will be contributing to the lowering of our communal carbon footprint, helping your friend achieve energy independence, and supporting the green energy industry.

    Everyone wins with this program – you earn a bonus, your friend that you referred gets $500 that they can apply to the cost of their solar energy system. We win new customers, which allows us to continue to serve the community by providing high-quality solar installations and excellent customer service.

    How Much Can I Earn?

    Both you and the person you refer will earn $500 for a standard solar energy system referral. After every fifth referral, you send our way; you will also earn a $1,000 referral bonus! There’s no limit to how many people you can refer to us, so you could potentially cover the entire cost of your solar energy system by referring to friends.

    Or, you can use this money for anything you’d like – put it in a college fund for your kids, go on a weekend getaway, or splurge on something as a way to treat yourself.

    When Do I Get Paid?

    If you have referred a friend, you will get paid once your friend’s solar panel system starts producing solar power. This is usually about one or two months after your friend contacts us if they want to take action right away.

    Sometimes this process can be delayed by external factors, but rest assured, we keep a good record of all referrals and will cut you a check just as soon as your friend’s solar energy system starts producing.

    Your friend will get their bonus in the form of a discount on their solar energy system, so when they get the final bill for the installation of their system they will save money. It will show a reduction of $500 for the referral bonus on their invoice

    If you have any questions about our referral process or if you want to get started with your own solar energy system installation, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

    Or, you can use this money for anything you’d like – put it in a college fund for your kids, go on a weekend getaway, or splurge on something as a way to treat yourself.

    Do I Have to be a Sunbridge Customer?

    You do not have to be a Sunbridge customer in order to refer someone our way. Of course, we love when our satisfied customers refer their friends to us, but our referral program is open to anyone. Even if you have done your research and like what our company stands for, but you haven’t yet committed to installing your own solar energy program, we still appreciate you sharing your positive opinion of us.

    We want everyone to be rewarded fairly for helping us out in this way, which is why we have opened our referral program to anyone. We’ve cut referral bonus checks for customers, our motivated and passionate employees, friends and family members, nonprofits in our community, and even solar homeowners who used another solar company.

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