Want to find out if your home qualifies for solar?

With 9 years of experience, we guarantee to give you the information you need to make an informed choice.


30% Federal Tax Credit Expires 2019

At the end of 2019, the federal tax credit will decrease at its highest levels. Don’t miss your chance. Take advantage of the full incentive before it ends. Request a free solar consultation today by calling us at (360) 313-7190.

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Service & Pricing

Sunbridge Solar is not necessarily the cheapest solar company, but we provide the best value that can be found in the Portland, Oregon and surround areas!

Along with providing the information needed to make informed buying decisions, we provide comfort and security by helping our customers save energy, expenses and our environment at your pace.

Currently, the price to install solar panels in the Portland, Oregon metro area comes around to $3.00 to $4.00 per watt. Price varies based on roof complexity and equipment selection.


Industry Leader In Quality

Our unwavering commitment to quality solar electric solutions and best-in-class service set us apart. Whether you’re harvesting solar energy for your home or your business, Sunbridge Solar offers optimal solar solutions to ensure you’re saving green... both in the environment and in your wallet.

With our 10 year craftsmanship guarantee and 9 years of experience, Sunbridge Solar will help you save money and bring you a new, hassle-free way to go solar.


Why Choose to Create Your Own Energy?


Save Money Each Month

Power your home with solar panels designed and installed by Sunbridge Solar and enjoy lower utility bills and substantial tax. Keep the savings or use the extra money to reinvest into your home (or a much needed vacation!).


Very Minimal Maintenance

With no moving parts and the industry leading 25-year warranty, you can focus your attention on your home and not your energy bill. Sunbridge Solar provides free on-site and off-site customer support to give you an extra peace of mind.


Free From Power Outage

In an event of a power outage, solar plus battery backup system will automatically disconnect from the utility grid to provide your home with emergency power while your panels recharge your batteries every day.


Leader in Customer Happiness

Great family owned company, they are so personable and really put the customer first. They were competitively priced which was nice but they really sold me on their attentiveness to the customer. I would definitely recommend these guys to any and everyone.
— Griffin Lohner, Portland, Oregon
This is a great solar company. They did great work, communicated very well with me on setting up a time for installation. I got three different bids on having a system installed and Sunbridge was the cheapest too. They gave great direction on solar financing and incentives.
— Oliver Weilandt, Portland, Oregon

Does My Home Qualify?

When you sign up for a free consultation, a consultant will contact you and ask you a few preliminary questions. Within about 15-minutes, you will have a much better idea whether switching to solar is right for you.

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