Progress of Solar Bills HB 3055 and HB 3179 in Oregon Legislature

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    The Oregon Senate has been buzzing with activity recently. Despite some legislators not attending floor sessions, there have been some key developments. Two notable bills that support utility-scale solar, HB 3055 and HB 3179, were up for discussion in the Senate Energy and Environment Committee

    The first bill, HB 3055, aims to establish eligibility caps for a standard avoided costs rates and contracts for the purchase of energy from qualifying facilities at no less than 10 megawatts​​. 

    The second, HB 3179, seeks to modify the definition of “renewable energy facility” for the purpose of the county permitting process for solar photovoltaic power generation facilities​​. Both bills were debated and then moved for voting at the subsequent committee hearing.

    A Boost in Oregon’s Revenue Forecast: A Win for Solar Initiatives

    Midweek brought promising news with the release of the state revenue forecast. The forecast exceeded expectations by $1.9 billion, which bodes well for bills that will require state funding. One such bill is the solar + storage rebate, a program that offers rebates for residential customers and low-income service providers in Oregon who install solar electric systems and paired solar and storage systems​3​​.

    Upcoming Decisions in the Oregon Legislature

    With just over five weeks remaining in the current legislative session, there’s a chance for a deal that could bring back all legislators to vote on policy and budget bills. We’re keeping a close eye on the progress of these developments, particularly how they might affect solar initiatives.

    2023 Oregon Solar Incentives

    There are already several incentives available in Oregon to promote the use of solar power. These incentives make solar power more affordable for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers:

    Please consult with a solar power expert for the most up-to-date information.

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    Adam Walters

    Adam Walters

    Adam Walters is a writer and solar industry expert with over a decade of experience. He has written extensively on topics related to renewable energy, sustainability, and climate change, and is a passionate advocate for the transition to clean energy sources.

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