Using Solar to Reduce an Orphanage Electric Bill

Using Solar to Reduce an Orphanage Electric Bill

On February 19th, Sunbridge Solar traveled to Colombia and to the Amazon and worked on two humanitarian solar projects alongside our Colombian partners Solosolar (now Sunbridge Colombia). The first humanitarian solar installation was installed on a rural orphanage outside of Bogota called Hogar San Mauricio. The second solar installation was for a nonprofit in the Amazon called Habitat Sur whose mission is to preserve indigenous cultures by teaching youth native language, dance, and handicrafts.


Solar Powering A Rural Orphanage In Colombia

The Hogar San Mauricio mission is to accept and protect with love the abandoned children of Colombia. Hogar San Mauricio provides the children with a safe living space, proper nutrition, education, and health services.

The orphanage currently helps more than 150 children at their two locations. Through volunteers and dedicated caregivers, the children at Hogar San Mauricio are able to realize a more fulfilling life through education and having a safe, nurturing environment. Unfortunately, the orphanage pays a large portion of their monthly operating costs to purchase expensive and dirty electricity.

In collaboration with Solosolar, we’ve designed a humanitarian solar system that will significantly reduce the monthly energy costs. While our 8-panel system design will only produce about two kilowatts of solar energy, it will reduce the operating costs by $9,375 over the next 25 years. This will save enough money to fully fund and send two additional orphans through primary education, each year! The solar panels will also be used to educate the children about solar energy and how it works.


Solar Powering A Nonprofit In The Amazon

Deep within the Amazon rainforest, the 600 acres Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve is a space dedicated to the protection of the rainforest, its biodiversity, and an experimentation of a more sustainable way of inhabiting the planet and to a permanent dialogue with the traditional knowledge of neighboring indigenous communities.

The 4-panel off grid solar system – which includes 4 kilowatts of energy storage – provides basic lighting to more effectively hold meetings at night and provide some basic electricity for the operation of the office during the day. With the addition of renewable power, Hábitat Sur will be able to better serve the cohesion between the indigenous people and guests without the need of burning diesel fuel.