Tesla Powerwall Review for 2021

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    Portland's Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer

    We are excited to announce that we have formalized our partnership with Elon Musk’s Tesla Energy and we are now offering Tesla Powerwall to our list of home battery backup solutions to our customers in the greater Portland, OR metro region.

    At Sunbridge Solar, we are always pushing ourselves to improve our knowledge and try out new technologies. The solar systems plus storage market has been evolving rapidly over the past several years. We have many years of experience installing a wide variety of storage systems and we can confidently say that Powerwall justifies the hype surrounding it.

    Below you will find a list of common questions for Tesla Powerwall.

    What Is A Tesla Powerwall?

    Tesla Powerwall is a hybrid solar battery and inverter system. It uses lithium-ion battery storage technology and provides 13.5 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of storage capacity. It is able to provide backup power to your home when the grid goes down. One Tesla Powerwall is rated to provide 5000 W (watts) of continuous power which is quite a bit of power.

    How Many Tesla Powerwalls Do I Need?

    The number of Tesla Powerwalls needed depends on what your goals for backup power are. If you want the backup batteries to power essential loads like lighting, refrigerator, internet, and a garage door opener, then only one Tesla Powerwall is needed.

    When Do I Need More Than One?

    Two Powerwalls would be needed to power well pumps, medium size HVAC systems, and heavier loads. Three Tesla Powerwalls would be needed to power heavier loads at a home like a large HVAC system, a welder, or a large water pump.

    portland tesla powerwall hanging on the side of a home

    Courtesy of Tesla Energy.

    How Much Does A Tesla Powerwall Cost?

    The cost for a single Tesla Powerwall cost ranges between $14,000-$16,000. There is a range of prices because not every home is the same. Our salespeople and designers understand the intricacies of each home and can provide an accurate quote.

    Many homeowners elect to install two Tesla Powerwalls. The cost for the second one drops considerably. The average price for a two Powerwall system is around $26,000 (before incentives). It should also be noted that the 26% federal tax credit applies to the Tesla Powerwall cost.

    What Is The Warranty?

    Tesla Powerwall warranty is for 10 years. This is the standard warranty regardless of how often the battery is charged and discharged.

    After 10 years Tesla Powerwall is rated to have 70% of its original storage capacity remaining. If there is an issue with the battery during the warranty period Tesla will replace the their battery with a new or refurbished one so you don’t need to wait without your Tesla Powerwall while it is being repaired. Sunbridge Solar will install the replacement at no cost to the customer as part of your 10-year warranty.

    Source: Tesla Powerwall Warranty PDF

    Does Tesla Powerwall Qualify For The Federal Tax Credit?

    Yes, in 2021 the federal solar tax credit is set at 26%. Tesla Powerwall qualifies for this tax credit if added to an existing solar panel array or as part of a new installation. For example, if you are quoted $15,000 for a single Tesla Powerwall your federal tax credit would be $15,000*26%=$3,900. The cost would, therefore, come down to $11,100.

    Where Can Tesla Powerwall Be Installed?

    Tesla Powerwall can be installed indoors and outdoors. It can be floor mounted or wall mounted. If installed outdoors, South and West facing walls that receive a lot of sunlight should be avoided.

    For safety, Powerwalls cannot be installed in living spaces or near bathrooms. It should also be installed within 150’ of the main electric panel.

    Tesla Powerwall Specs

    How Many Days Can It Power My Home?

    This depends on a variety of factors. It depends on how much power you use first off. It also depends if there is any solar energy input coming into power the loads and/or charge Tesla Powerwall. You as the homeowner will have control over how long the Tesla Powerwall lasts because you will be able to monitor system performance and control your power usage.

    Can I Backup My Entire Home?

    Yes, you can. This often requires at least 2 Tesla Powerwalls worth of stored energy but it is possible using time-based controls. There is also a cost adder for whole-home backup because it requires more extensive labor. There is a piece of equipment called the Gateway which controls the Tesla Powerwall and senses grid loss.

    The Gateway is required for every Tesla Powerwall installation but whole-home backup requires the Gateway to be placed in between the utility meter and the main service disconnect. This requires the utility pulling the meter, rerouting the wires that feed your electric panel into the Gateway, and then refeeding the electric panel. It’s common but time-intensive.

    For further reading on this, see Tesla Owner’s Guide Power During a Grid Outage.

    Why Is The Cost So Much Less When I Search Online?

    The price of Tesla Powerwall releases typically does not include labor, permits for solar, and interconnection fees. It is also an estimate that a remote salesperson is producing without seeing the home. Our price includes everything. Tesla Powerwall, the Gateway, additional hardware, permits, design, electrical engineering, installation, project management, and a ten-year warranty.

    Can It Work With My Existing Solar Power Array?

    Yes, but there are some design considerations to take into account. A single Powerwall can integrate with a maximum of 7600W of AC output power from an existing system. If your system is larger there are several workarounds for the design. That is part of what our design and engineering team can determine.

    Tesla Powerwall AC

    Tesla Powerwall connects to most existing solar energy systems. Courtesy of Tesla Energy.

    Considering Battery Backup?

    Whether it’s for energy savings, saving the environment, or having emergency home battery backup power the Powerwall by Tesla Energy is the most popular home solar battery that is being installed in the Pacific Northwest.

    Contact us today to learn more about the Tesla Powerwall in Oregon and Washington state for your home or business. Our office number is (360)313-7190.

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