SunModo PV Racking

SunModo, meaning “the way of the sun,” is a private U.S. company based in Vancouver, Washington focusing on innovative racking and mounting solutions make solar installation easy, more reliable and more affordable.

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Fit for any type of project

SunModo is dedicated to providing innovative racking solutions that help us install systems quickly and painlessly. Their products set the standard for durability and safety while their R&D team is constantly engineering hassle-reducing innovations that meet industry standards and customers’ needs.

Solar Awnings

SunModo proudly introduces the SunShield™ Awning System – the next big solar application. The easy-to-install solar system does double duty, protecting your building and people from intense heat, while at the same time generating clean, renewable solar electricity.

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Your customers deserve the best. Install the SunPort™ Carport System and give the gift of shade and protection from the rain all the while reducing your monthly electric bills.

The system maximizes energy harvesting and minimizes structural weight with a lightweight, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing aluminum design.