Jordan Weisman

Founder / General Manager

☎ (360) 313-7190

Jordan’s exposure to the world of solar electric started when he interned at Solar Energy International (SEI). His passion and excitement for solar energy began while he was working hands-on during one of SEI’s workshops to provide off-grid power for a farmer in Costa Rica. After spending four years as a lead installer, electrical apprentice, and solar designer, Jordan decided the time was right to found his own business in the Portland Metro.

Jordan is a NABCEP certified installer and also holds a NABCEP Technical Sales certificate. Jordan is also a licensed LRT (Licensed Renewable Technician) in the state of Oregon and a Tax Credit Certified Technician (TCCT), and sits on the board of the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA).

Jordan’s passion for solar energy and international development continue as Sunbridge Solar develops local and international solar humanitarian projects every year. He lives in North Portland with his wife and daughter, and in his free time enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, tennis, and traveling.

gattet little

Garret Little

System Design / Site Surveyor

☎ (360) 313-7190

Garret Little is a Portland native who spent two years in Colorado, earning a degree in Solar Technology at Ecotech Institute and working as a residential solar PV installer. He also has an associate degree from Mt. Hood College for Business Management.

Garret has a strong love for traveling abroad along with many outdoor activities such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, and camping. He is also an enthusiastic musician, spending much time playing music with friends. He is currently finishing his undergraduate degree at Portland State University in International Development Studies and working towards his NAPCEP certification. Next time you see Garret, ask him about his trips abroad. It won’t disappoint.


Haley Polk

Project Coordinator

☎ (360) 313-7190

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Rob Brownell.jpeg

Rob Brownell

Field Manager / Master Electrician

☎ (360) 313-7190

Rob began his career in the electrical industry in 1988 at the age of 18. He progressed to receive his Limited Residential Journeyman Electrician license in 1991. General Journeyman license came in 1993 and received his Master Electrician license in 2003.

Rob is an expert in both design and installation of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical applications. Over 30 years, hundreds of design projects, and thousands of electrical installations, his passion for electrical is fueled by the ever-changing industry.

Rob lives in Oregon with his wife of 21 years and their 3 children. His family is the joy of his life.

Matt McCann sunbridge solar employee.jpg

Matt McCann

Sales Manager

☎ (360) 313-7190

Matt McCann is a native of Clark County and still resides at his home in Salmon Creek Vancouver WA. He is married with two children both boys (8) and (3). He enjoys sports, traveling, and spending time with family. 

Matt's professional career started in the home improvement industry mostly in marketing for about 6 years before getting involved in the solar industry. He has now been in the solar industry for the past 6 years and plans on staying in the industry until retirement. His favorite part about being on the Sunbridge Team is the company reputation and integrity is second to none. 

Matt's goal is to continue to help more homes and businesses go solar with a top of the line installation/customer service experience. While training and leading the sales force to continue to reach each of our full potentials. 


Mike Muchmore

Senior Residential Estimator

☎ (360) 313-7190

Born in Vancouver, WA and raised in SW Portland, Mike started working in the energy conservation field in 1979 and has helped countless homeowners save thousands and thousands of dollars over the last 35 years. Mike has experience selling and installing insulation, windows, heating, and air conditioning, and now for the last 14 years, custom designing solar systems for homeowners from San Diego to Battle Ground and beyond.

“I love to see the homeowners expression when we first turn on their solar system and they watch the power go from their house into the grid. It is a great feeling to help people become more energy independent.” - Mike

Mike’s favorite sport is baseball and he loves to golf and cook. He has been married for 42 years to his sweetheart Cathy whom he met in downtown Portland.

jim steiner

Jim Steiner

Commercial & Residential Estimator

☎ (360) 313-7190

Jim Steiner is an Energy Consultant with SunBridge Solar. He was born in Vancouver, went to high school and college in Idaho, and then moved back to SW Washington to be near family. Going to Space Camp and designing/building an Electric Vehicle as part of a high school engineering team, he’s always had a strong foundation in science and engineering.

He pivoted to environmental causes and solar when the Port of Longview was evaluating a coal export terminal upwind from his son’s nearby elementary school. He worked with a group of citizens to successfully block progress on the coal terminal. He then moved to Portland to join the solar industry.

Working as an Energy Consultant since 2015, he enjoys meeting his community, educating them on how they get power, and helping them create clean, renewable energy.

Mark McCann sunbridge solar employee.jpg

Mark McCann

Sales Consultant

☎ (360) 313-7190

Born and raised in Washington Mark has spent time playing as many types of sports as he could and even to this day engages in slow pitch softball and local golf. He says the arrival of his son changed his life forever.

While Mark has been in business for 30 years he enjoys representing Sunbridge in the Solar energy field, promoting Sunbridge as a company with a well rounded scope of electrical expertise.


Justin Tiret

Home Solar Consultant

☎ (360) 313-7190

Justin Tiret is a Solar Consultant with Sunbridge Solar. He was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and moved to Portland OR 15 years ago to raise a family. 

Since getting an Environmental Studies degree from UCSC he has spent his entire career focused primarily on making a positive impact through promoting and selling environmentally sound alternatives such as eco-paper, green cleaning products, and organic compost. 

He has been in the solar + storage industry for the past three years and is passionate about helping home owners and businesses make the transition to clean energy.


Jason Johnson

Home Solar Consultant

☎ (360) 313-7190

Nice to Meet You

Hi, I’m Jason. I love electronics and worked in the IT field for 20 years before changing to the solar industry. I have lived in the Portland, Oregon area for about 10 years.

I love how green it is in the Pacific Northwest. I also love the friendliness of the people here. The mix of urban, suburban, rural and nature that abounds here makes this area so diverse and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. In my off time, I enjoy spending time with my kids and my fiance, taking advantage of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Solar for All

I’ve been a champion of renewable energy for decades. My goal is to bring affordable green energy options to as many people in the Pacific Northwest as possible. I firmly believe in building relationships with my customers and finding solutions tailored to individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, especially here in the PNW.

Keeping it Simple

My passion is to educate the community about solar energy. As with almost every new technology, there is a lot of misinformation mixed with technical jargon-filled sources of information out there that can be overwhelming and confusing.

  • I want to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

  • I will listen to your wants and needs as well as your concerns.

  • I will evaluate your home and property and assist you in finding the best and most affordable option to eliminate/reduce/offset your power bill while generating renewable energy that meets your needs.

Where to Begin?

Whether you want or completely eliminate your power bill; just generate enough power to fuel your electric vehicle; or provide power to your home in case of power outages with a battery backup system, I am here to help find the right system to fit your needs and your budget.


Matt Battjes

Crew Leader

☎ (360) 313-7190

Matt has his LRT electricians license in Oregon and is working on his electrical license in Washington state.

Matt has been in the industry since 2007 when he helped install 12V off-grid systems that powered the communications in the High Sierra. He first became interested in solar electric when he was in grade school, and saw a photo of solar panels. Before moving to Portland full-time in 2008, he spent 5 years in Yosemite National Park, working, rock climbing, and mountaineering.

He has a love for being on top of mountain peaks and ridges, as well as rooftops. Matt has NABCEP Photovoltaic EL and Solar Thermal EL certifications with more to come. Matt now has his LRT electricians license in Oregon and is working on his electrical license in Washington state.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys everything out of doors: camping, backpacking, telemark skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and is an avid fly-fisherman who enjoys tying his own flies

matt brooks

Matt Brooks

Crew Leader

☎ (360) 313-7190

Matt first got started in solar electric down in the mature, Californian solar market. There he picked up techniques that are only yet to be proven effective in our younger, less-matured Oregon solar market. He is currently taking continuing education to become a Licensed Journeyman in Washington state.

When not installing solar, Matt enjoys working on projects around his house, watching favorite baseball team (San Francisco Giants), and spending quality time with his dogs; Chief and Daisy.

doug zimmerman

Doug Zimmerman

Solar Installer

☎ (360) 313-7190

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jess jensen

Jesse Jensen

Solar Installer

☎ (360) 313-7190

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