How We Install Solar

Sunbridge Solar’s Installation Process

What to Expect

At Sunbridge Solar, we continue to do our best to make the process of going solar as easy as we can for you. Below is a step-by-step guide of what you can expect. We recommend you keep this and review the steps so you don’t have any unwanted surprises. At any stage, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you!

Project Manager

Jordan Weisman

Sr. Solar Estimator

Mike Muchmore

Tech Support

Adam Walters

Solar Consultation | Design

Step 1

  • Our solar estimators will answer your questions and work with you on a custom-tailored design that suits your property and your needs the best.
  • During this stage, we will perform a physical and remote site assessment to determine exact measurements.

Crew Lead Introduction | Installation

Step 2

  • On the first day of installation, 80% of the contract price is due.
  • Depending on system size, the expected completion date – not including inspections – is about 2-3 days after start date.
  • The installation crew will arrive between 8-9:00 AM.

Building & Electrical Inspections

Step 3

  • Electrical Inspector will need access to your electrical panel.
    • Important! Please notify your Project Manager after this inspection so we may notify Utility
    • You will need to be home.
  • The building inspector will need access to your property.
    • You will need to be home.
  • After passed inspections, your estimator will reach out to schedule a time to give you a walk-through of your new solar system.
    • 20% of the installation cost will be due.

**We’ll call you to confirm inspections in the morning**
**Building & Electrical are sometimes same inspector**

Utility NET Meter | Online Solar Monitoring

Step 4

  • After building and electrical inspections, your utility will schedule a time with you by email.
    • May take 1-4 weeks until utility installs new Net Energy Meter.
  • Once you receive a bidirectional Net Energy Meter, you’ll be producing solar power and be able to view your online solar monitoring. Please make sure you Turn ON solar breakers

Producing Power | Energy Trust Verify (OR Only)

Step 5

  • After your new NET meter is installed, we will request the Energy Trust of Oregon to send a Verifier to verify the installed solar according to ETO guidelines. Be prepared to:
    • Be at the property (ETO Verifier will schedule a time with you to meet)
    • Will need to show: Solar Manual and Solar Monitoring
  • This inspection is in order to have the Utility/ETO cash-rebate released to Sunbridge Solar

Monitoring | Continual Support

Items to Keep in Mind

Online Monitoring
During installation, monitoring equipment will be initially installed. However, we may need to finalize networking soon after your new NET meter is installed. May require our Tech Support to visit your property

Continual Support by Sunbridge Solar
We’re here for you as your solar experts and will absolutely honor the solar manufacturer warranties and our own craftsman warranty.

All permits, incentives, and utility paperwork are all completed by Sunbridge Solar.

Sunbridge Solar

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