Solaria Solar PowerXT

Traditional panels are limited in power, inefficient, and frankly are not attractive. Solving this, Solaria uses ground-breaking solar panel technology that significantly increases solar energy output while giving the customer an attractive, uniform visual appearance.

PowerXT AC Module

Designed for High Efficiency

Solaria’s innovative solar cell technology is designed to achieve higher performance, reliability, and boost efficiency requiring less roof space to maximize solar energy production compared to traditional solar panels. Engineered with patented ribbon-less, solder-free cell-to-cell connections increase reliability to exceed past the 25-year manufacture warranty.

Visually Spectacular

Created with a sleek all-black appearance to look beautiful on your home and complements your curbside appeal these higher efficiency modules produce more power per square foot, reducing the number of panels needing installed on your roof.

PowerXT Sub-strings upclose

DNV GL Top Performer 2018

Best value for homeowners

Solaria is synonymous with high quality, durability and high performance since the release of its solar photovoltaic products. Solaria products are continuously tested by third parties, in-house, and certified globally.