Pacific Power Blue Sky Solar Grants

Blue Sky Community Grants

Solar Grants for Pacific Power Customers

For over 15 years, Pacific Power has funded over 100 new community-based renewable energy projects in Oregon and Washington. Blue Sky funding awards cover up to 100 percent of the capital costs to install qualified, new renewable energy systems for Pacific Power’s non-residential sites.

The projects that provide strong environmental, economic, and educational benefits are more likely to be awarded a Blue Sky Grant. Continue reading to find out if your organization or contact our solar estimator, today!

Funding Process

Funding is limited and varies year-by-year. Projects go through a competitive evaluation process, are selected annually, and have strict deadlines (see below). Selection of awarded projects is influenced by a number of factors, including the number and type of applications received. For example, a nonprofit or multi-family housing organization have historically seen higher chances of being awarded Blue Sky solar grants.

2017 Blue Sky Grant Timeline

Please note, this is a competitive process. Extensions may be considered for projects associated with the construction of a new structure or building. Furthermore, submitting an application and meeting the eligibility criteria does not secure funding.

July 3, 2017Pacific Power begins accepting applications.
September 29, 2017Submittal deadline by 5 p.m. (PT)
February 2018Applicants will be notified of the award decision.
December 31, 2018Project installations must be completed.

All permits, incentives, and utility paperwork are all completed by Sunbridge Solar. 5 Steps Going Solar

Evaluation and Selection Criteria for Blue Sky Solar Grants

Before you begin, filling out the application may sound daunting. That is why Sunbridge Solar in houses all grant writing, incentive, utility, and permit paperwork. Every project is graded on feasibility/readiness, costs, financing, additionality and community benefits as well as Blue Sky public exposure. Below is a list of questions and preferred project characteristics to assist you to make a decision.

Preferred Project Characteristics

Projects will have additional weighting if they include;

  • Solar tied to electric vehicle charging and/or microgrid
  • Targets underserved populations (low income or rural)
  • Provide robust public engagement and education plans
  • Use local materials and labor
  • Have a solar contractor that is financially/time invested the project
Evaluation criteriaHigh-level summary of metrics
Project Feasibility/ ReadinessTechnology – How appropriate is the proposed renewable energy technology/design for the site?

Readiness – How far along is the renewable energy project in the development process? How feasible is the project plan and installation timeline?

Capability – How adept and motivated is the project team?

Costs, Financing and AdditionalityCost – How complete and competitive is the budget? Is the Blue Sky funding request reasonable?

Financing – How feasible is the financing model? What is the level of confidence that the project will be fully financed in the required timeframe?

Additionality – Are Blue Sky funds required for the project to be successful?

Community Benefits and Blue Sky ExposureCommunity impact – How much will the renewable energy project benefit the community, local economy, and renewable energy industry?

Education – How physically visible is the project? How robust is the education plan?

Recognition – How robust is the plan to recognize Blue Sky customers for their contribution?

Let Sunbridge Solar Help

At Sunbridge Solar, we have worked and won multiple competitive grants for our customers. People love using Sunbridge because we provide turnkey solar panel installations for all sizes of organizations. We in-house all grant writing, permits, utility paperwork, and installation and post-install support.

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