Qualifications For
Commercial Solar

Do I Qualify?

We get this question a lot from business owners large and small. Most often the business will qualify for local and state incentives, but there are several factors that determine if your business is a good candidate for installing solar panels. Our free solar evaluation will assess each factor below and more to provide you with the information to make an informed decision. Will commercial solar work for you? Let’s find out.

How Is Your Roof & Structure?

Most commercial buildings have a low slope roof or “flat” commercial roof. There are three main mounting options for this type of roof; ballasted, attached, or hybrid. A ballasted system is weighted down with paver blocks which have no penetrations but can add significant load. It must be determined if your roof structure can support the additional load.

Is Your Solar Access High Enough?

For commercial solar panels to work effectively your roof space must have a good solar resource. The total solar resource is determined by the tilt of the panels (usually 10 degrees for a commercial project), the azimuth or direction the panels are facing (South is best), and the shading from nearby trees, buildings, or other obstructions. A total solar resource of 75% must be achieved in order to qualify for the Energy Trust rebate.

Do You Have A Tax Appetite?

In order to take advantage of the federal tax credit and depreciation, the business must have a significant appetite for deductions and tax credits. About 50% of the incentive for commercial solar projects are on the tax credit and depreciation deduction. The tax credit can be carried forward to future years but is best if it can be captured quickly.

This may require some planning with your CPA. Solar is considered a 5-year asset for depreciation scheduling so the need for deductions is also crucial to make the solar investment pencil out. Talk with a solar expert to learn more about state and federal tax credits.

Because not all businesses will qualify to go solar, we recommend you request a free solar evaluation and quote by signing up or by giving us a call at (503)407-6820. Get the information you need before you make the decision to switch to solar energy for your business! We’re happy to help.

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