Benefits of Solar Energy

People tend to care more about how their daily actions may benefit (or harm) the environment. Our homes, vehicles, businesses and our energy-thirsty devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops, etc) require energy to function.

Using solar energy is just another way to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce our region's dependence on fossil fuels, and help protect our environment. Did we mention saving hundreds each year on your utility bill? Cause that is cool, too!

Here are Four Ways Solar Energy Benefits


Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

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Whether you're a homeowner, non-profit, or business, your electricity costs can make up a large portion of your expenses. With a solar energy system, you'll generate 25+ years of carbon-free power reducing how much you will pay the utility each month and how much CO2 enters our atmospheres.

How do you feel about not every paying a utility bill again while saving the planet? Now that is a solar benefit!


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Buildings only are responsible for 38% of all carbon emissions in the United States.

The electricity that your solar panels produce is completely emissions free. No carbon. No nothing. When you use solar energy to meet your energy needs, you are reducing the amount of energy the utility will otherwise need to generate. As a result, your utility emits less carbon.


Strong ROI

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Solar isn't as expensive as you first thing. Thanks to substantial energy bill savings, the average Oregon and Washington homeowner pays off their system in 4-8 years and sees a 20% return on investment or more. Far larger than the 8 to 10% ROI you may get from the stock market.

With a 4 - 8 year payback and your solar equipment warrantied for 25-years, your solar panels and a strong ROI is better protected.


Creating Local Jobs

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Since 2010, the solar industry employment has grown by 123%, reaching nearly 210,000 jobs, nationwide.

The clean energy economy offers more opportunities and offers higher wages than the national economy overall. Best of all, you can not outsource the American solar workforce.