Energy Trust Of Oregon Solar Power

 Energy Trust Solar Responsibilities

For al homeowners and business owners, In order to receive the Energy Trust of Oregon solar power rebate and state tax credits, customers must use a certified Trade Ally. A Trade Ally receives training and support from Energy Trust to stay up to date on the solar energy standards, incentives, and quality requirements. Every solar contractor has a rating of 1 (lowest) to 3 (highest) stars. If a solar company does not have an ETO rating you will be unable to receive any Oregon state solar incentives.

Energy Trust Incentives

The Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentive is designed to reduce the initial cost of switching to solar power. Based on the total size of the solar panel system, the incentive will increase as the system size increases. Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change at any time. Check with us for latest availability.

Homeowner Incentives

Portland General ElectricMax $4,800$0.60 per watt
Pacific PowerMax $4,400$0.55 per watt

Business Incentives

Portland General ElectricMax $45,0000-14 kW: $0.55/watt

15-150 kW: $0.55-$0.30/watt*

Project size cap: 250kW

Pacific PowerMax $25,0000-10 kW: $0.45/watt

11-100 kW: $0.45-$0.25/watt*

Project size cap: 100 kW


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Solar Trade Ally Reports

To protect yourself from choosing a poor quality contractor, ask them to show their quarterly report. The number of stars a contractor receives is based on three categories; Program Service, Quality of Service, and Customer Service. Ratings are open to the public and higher ratings qualify trade allies for additional program offerings, such as advanced solar pilot programs.

We are proud to have the highest, 3-star rating since the start of the rating program in January 2017!

2018 Quarter 1 Report
2017 Quarter 4 Report
2017 Quarter 3 Report
2017 Quarter 2 Report
2017 Quarter 1 Report

About ETO

The Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) is a Portland-based independent nonprofit that helps Portland General Electric and Pacific Power customers in Oregon save money by generating renewable energy and energy efficiency use. The Energy Trust of Oregon rebate offers cash grants lower the initial cost of a brand new solar electric system. When installing solar for your home or business this rebate lowers the initial cost of solar panels.

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$6,000 Residential Energy Tax Credit Expires End of 2017

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