Oregon Residential Solar Incentives

Keeping solar strong in Oregon

Oregon Incentives Are Better Than Ever

With today’s Oregon solar incentives, you can cover 80% of the upfront costs associated with a brand new solar energy system. Solar energy can provide a significant return on your investment.

Low financing rates, cash rebates, and tax credits combine together to make solar energy a smart financial investment. Between federal and various state incentives, get paid over $10,000.

Incentive 1 – Federal Solar Tax Credit

This incentive is a credit to your tax return worth 30% of the total cost or your solar electric system. The credits are taken for the tax year in which the system is installed.

If you do not use the entire federal tax credit, it can be passed forward to future tax years. Residential customers will have 5 years from the date of installation to claim the total credit.

You can learn more in this article: Why a Solar Tax Credit Is Worth More Than a Deduction.

Incentive 2 – Energy Trust of Oregon Cash Incentive

If you are a Portland General Electric (PGE) or Pacific Power customer, you will receive a cash rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon. This rebate goes to the solar installer and drops your cost of going solar.

How much you will receive can vary a bit depending on which company services your home. Current incentive levels are below.

Current Energy Trust Incentive Levels

Portland General Electric: $0.40 per watt (up to $3,200).
Pacific Power: $0.40 per watt (up to $3,200).

Please remember, Energy Trust cash rebates can decrease without warning. This is because each incentive level is only allocated a certain amount of funding. Once this “step funding” is used up, incentive rates DROP to a new level. As a result, be cautious about waiting too long before reaching out to us for an official quote. See the live PDF status update at the Energy Trust of Oregon’s website.

Solar Rebate Qualifications

  • The solar installer must be a certified Solar Trade Ally by the Energy Trust of Oregon.
  • All solar equipment must be new and UL listed.
  • Verification from Energy Trust tax technicians.

Incentive 3 – Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC)

This state tax credit offers Oregon homeowners up to $6,000. As a tax credit, it will reduce your Oregon state taxes in a one-to-one fashion. The credit is dispersed over 4 years in $1,500 increments.

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