Solar Panels In Multnomah County

For living in the smallest geographical county with the largest population in the United States, residents of Multnomah county understand that it takes an active participation of the individual to make the community a better place to live for everyone.

Time and time again, Multnomah residents have come together and implemented progressive and environmentally friendly policies. One great example is the City of Portland’s Solar Forward: A Community Energy Energy Experiment. With over 2,100 residents already choosing to produce their own solar energy, Multnomah County leading the way in sustainable living.


What About The Weather?

Despite being known best for the rain, the longer daylight hours in the summer make solar a terrific investment for your home or business. By being able to sell excess solar energy back to your utility provider, you may accrue credits to be used during the more cloudy months. Plus, our solar panels are capable of capturing scattered light and turn it into usable electricity even during days over overcast. Read more about how solar works in the Northwest.

Installing Solar The Sunbridge Way

At Sunbridge Solar, we are committed to working with residents and businesses to unlock energy savings using renewable, clean solar energy. Our main emphasis is on designing and installing superior quality solar panels for both residential and commercial settings in the Pacific Northwest. While we pride ourselves highly on our second-to-none installations here in Oregon, our goal for meaningful local and global impact is much broader than our bottom line.

So whether you are a homeowner looking to do something to cut your electric bill costs, a farm trying to embrace sustainability, a business looking to make a sound financial investment, or a humanitarian with a heart for changing the environment, we are here to guide you through the process.