Oregon Solar Tax Credits

Oregon Solar Tax Credits Available Now

Combining Oregon solar tax credits with other incentives and benefits, you can cover 80% of the upfront costs associated with a brand new solar energy system. Act now as more and more customers are taking advantage of the increased utility cash incentive by the Energy Trust of Oregon. Now get up to $5,500 off the total cost of your solar energy system!

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30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
MACRS Tax Depreciation

Federal Investment Solar Tax Credit

This incentive is a credit to your tax return worth 30% of the total cost of your solar electric system. The credits can be used within 5 years from the date of installation.

Example Using the Federal Solar Tax Credit

Cost of System:

Federal Tax Credit Gained
$3,000 (30%)

Combined with other Oregon residential solar tax credits and incentives paybacks are quick and the energy savings are long-lasting.

MACRS Accelerated Tax Depreciation

85% of total solar installation costs are eligible for depreciation. This can add a tremendous amount of financial value to your system.

MACRS Accelerated Depreciation Table

MACRS Accelerated Depreciation 5 Year Table

MACRS Bonus Depreciation Table

MACRS 50% Bonus Depreciation 5 Year Table

Depreciation is the loss of value that occurs over time with the item your business purchased for a specific use. As a business owner, you are eligible to deduct this “loss in value” from your taxable income when used for your business.

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