IronRidge Solar Racking Systems

For nearly 20 years, IronRidge designs and manufactures residential and commercial racking systems by working closely with solar professionals across the globe to build products that are strong, simple and cost-effective.

Black And Silver IronRidge Rails

AESTHETICALLY Pleasing Flush Mount Design

Allowing for fewer roof penetrations and more cost-effective system designs IronRidge’s unique curved profile increases structural strength and spanning capability. This increases the ability to resist uplift, protect against buckling and safely and efficiently transfer loads into the building structure.

Color Choices

  • Silver

  • Black

Keeping your Roof Sealed

FlashFoot2 is an all-in-one roof attachment for mounting XR Rails to composition shingle roofs. Its integrated design incorporates both structural and waterproofing features into a single assembly. This eliminates the need for separate standoffs, flashings, and L-feet, and reduces the overall number of installation procedures.

Complete IronRidge XR Rail

Industry Standard

Every component in the IronRidge Solar Mount System has been tested to the limit and proven in extreme environments: rain, wind and snow. IronRidge’s rigorous approach has led to unique structural features, such as curved rails, universal fastening objects and reinforced flashings.

All of our products are fully-certified, code-compliant, listed to UL 2703 and backed by a 20-year warranty.