Keep the Lights On During Power Outages

Energy storage for your home and business

When the lights go out, will you be ready?

Home battery backup plus solar energy

Energy storage, also sometimes called “battery backup,” is seeing an increase in popularity in the Pacific Northwest. More families are deciding to prepare for when the lights go out and choosing to install solar plus energy storage solutions (solar+storage). The reason is simple when mother nature (e.g., storms and earthquakes) knocks down power lines, power to your home can be out for days or even weeks.

Already many homeowners turn to gas or diesel generators to restore power to their homes, but these generators can be loud and produce hazardous fumes dangerous to the environment and your health. In addition, in an event of extreme power outages fuel may be hard to come by. Don’t get caught in the dark. Watch the video below to learn how Sonnen energy storage solution can help your family keep the lights on.

Energy Storage Sonnen Battery in Living Room

Energy storage by Sonnen

Sonnen is a German company that has about 13,000 battery backup units installed and offers an impressive 10,000 cycles or 10-year warranty. They are new to the US market but have a proven track record in the German solar market.

The Sonnen Battery is an aesthetically pleasing, sleek design that is indoor-ready and compatible with most existing solar electric systems. Inside the sleek case are a Washington-made, Outback Power‘s Radian inverter, and integrated lithium ion battery bank.

Sonnen offers innovative software that is straightforward to program and allows for backup power and energy management directly from an app from a smartphone! There are several different sizing options for all your energy needs. Message us today to learn more about the different sizes.

What about power outages?

Power outages are becoming the thing of the past. With your stored energy and continuous production from your solar panels, your home will continue to operate despite when the grid goes dark.

Think about an outage during our hot summers. Be the only house on the block staying cool with your air conditioning.

Rebates for Sonnen:
You can use the 30% Federal Tax Credit to get a dollar-for-dollar reduction off the taxes you owe to the federal government. Start a chat with us, today, if you have questions about the federal tax credit.

Price of Battery: $10,000
30% Tax Credit: $3,000 in federal tax credits

Have an existing solar system, but no battery backup?

Households with savvy solar panels in Oregon and Washington are using the Sonnen battery because of its energy-maximizing software. While the battery stores your solar energy, the software works out how much to save for non-peak hours (night time), and how much to use during the day and night (peak-hours). The software also may be connected to the internet and use weather reports to anticipate upcoming needs! Did we mention it’s iPhone and Android friendly? Download the apps!

Image of Sonnen Battery Power Performance For Solar Plus Energy Storage

Get the power when you most need it. An effective solar + battery backup system makes this possible. If you’d like to learn more about battery backup can do for you home, contact us today or sign up for a free solar quote & evaluation.

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