Solar Battery Backup In Oregon & Washington

Complete Solar Battery Bank Solutions

Keeping the power on during a blackout is becoming more critical to many families and businesses. When the lights go out food spoils and shops close while maintaining a level of security and normality becomes a new concern. With the decrease in battery costs and the increase of natural disaster readiness, families and businesses are choosing to opt-in to for a complete solar battery bank solutions.

Check out today’s favorite options: Solar Plus Battery Backup (Energy Storage)

Sizing Solar Panels To A Battery Bank

Calculating the size of your solar panel battery bank and inverter is critical to understanding how much power you will need and have in the event of a power outage. Having a few light energy-use loads (e.g., freezer, LED lights) versus more heavier consumption (e.g.,  agriculture water pumps) require different amounts of energy storage to stay on for the same amount of time.

That is why our solar estimators will work closely with you and thoroughly explain any limitations and advantages of a solar plus battery backup system. We’re happy to answer any questions about this new and exciting technology.

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