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Solar: Keeping Utility Bills Low and Costs Down

Investing in a solar energy to grow cannabis can be the best way to ensure profitability of an indoor grow room

A solar panel system can significantly raise your profitability and lower your cost to grow cannabis. The more solar energy you produce, the less you will have to pay the electric utility reducing your bottom line.

A solar powered grow room might be just right for you. Whether you are tied to the grid or keep a low profile with an off grid system; the benefits of solar are increasing as energy prices go up.

What Are The Solar Incentives For Cannabis Growers?

Because of the new nature of the cannabis markets, you may not be eligible to receive certain incentives. We understand this is an on-going problem with the industry, that is why we have made ourselves your solar+cannabis experts. Ask us your questions.

Federal Tax Incentives

Recieve 30% off the final cost of going solar with a federal tax credit.

Accelerated Depreciation is also available to business owners. Depreciate 85% of the total cost.

State Tax Incentives

Oregon offers up to $6,000 in tax credits for homeowners deciding to produce clean, solar energy for their home.

Local Cash Incentives

Most electric utilities in Washington and Oregon now offer cash incentives. Get paid up to $5,000 for 8 years.

Net-Energy Metering

Every electric utility in Oregon and Washington off Net Energy Metering.

Earn Energy Credits for excess solar send to your neighbors!

How Much Can I Save With Solar Energy?

What design is right for me? What’s the out-of-pocket cost, after incentives? How much more can I save if I already am using LED to grow cannabis? How much solar energy will my system produce? How long does it take for the system to pay for itself? Should I back up my farm with batteries?

We love answering about how solar energy can help your business grow. The professionals at Sunbridge Solar can answer these and any other question you may have about solar energy.

All permits, incentives, and utility paperwork are all completed by Sunbridge Solar. 5 Steps Going Solar

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