Solar Powered Grow Lights Will Save You Money

Solar Powered Grow Rooms

Growing cannabis indoors requires you paying your utility too much for your monthly energy bills. There is a solution! Both large and small cannabis growers are always looking for the best marijuana grow room setup. In comes solar powered grow rooms.

Taking advantage of having a solar grow room includes having to pay less each month to your utility and will give you the right to say your indoor harvest is still sunshine-grown.

Using Battery Backup To Protect Your Profits

Having solar grow room will certainly reduce your energy costs, but what will happen to your time-sensitive cannabis crop in an event of a power outage? Unfortunately having a solar panel system alone will not keep the power running to your lights when there is a blackout. In emergency events, having a battery backup combined with your solar system can keep your product growing even if everything else is dark.

The benefits of solar are increasing as energy prices go up. Investing in a solar energy system to grow your cannabis crop can be the best way to ensure profitability of an indoor grow room.

Want to find out how much a solar powered grow room costs? We recommend a free consultation and assessment from one of our expert estimators.

All permits, incentives, and utility paperwork are all completed by Sunbridge Solar.

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