Cost of Solar Electric Systems

Businesses are turning to solar energy to not only deciding to lower power bills saving, but to appeal to their younger potential customer base in order to to stay ahead of the competition.

We offer:

  • Lower energy bills. In most cases, going solar means you’ll be paying less for solar energy than you’re currently paying for electricity from your utility bill.

  • Warranty protection. Our PV solar systems come with up to 25-year warranties. If any roof or property damage occurs as a result of our installation, we cover that as well.

  • Tax incentives. Take advantage of the 30% Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with no maximum cap and also allows for accelerated depreciation. Some utilities even provide further rebates.

Get started TODAY and save on your monthly utility costs. Let us guide you through this beneficial process. Call Sunbridge Solar now at (360) 313-7190 to speak with a commercial-specific solar professional.