Commercial Solar Electric

Business owners using these systems will be able to break free from rising electricity bills as they become an environmentally-friendly company. Watch as your electricity meter actually spins backward with photovoltaic solar electricity.

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Lower Your Bills

Generate your own solar energy and save thousands each year.

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Be Green

Give your company the sustainable-edge. Go green with solar.

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Solar Incentives

Take advantage of incentives designed to encourage growth.


Why Choose Solar Electric for Your Business?

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Innovation and performance

Solar electricity has been the fastest growing energy technology over the last decade. The system comes with a 25-year warranty and is built to last decades.

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As electricity prices continue to rise, your solar electric system will continue to supply electricity at today's rates and your savings will grow.

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Tax Credit

Solar is a capital improvement that qualifies for accelerated depreciation and for a 30% Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with no max cap.

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PV systems use clean power and emit zero pollution or greenhouse gasses. By choosing solar, you’re not only saving money… you’re also bettering the environment.

How Solar Works

Solar systems produce electricity by using solar cells that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

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Step 1: Protons his the solar panel knocking negatively-charged electrons loose from their atoms creating direct current (DC) energy.

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Step 2: Inside an inverter, the electrons are converted from DC energy to alternating current (AC) which is used in the home.

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Step 3: Any excess solar electric you do not consume will turn your meter backwards earning you retail rate net metering credits.


There are two primary types of PV systems:

grid tied and standalone.

Grid Tied Solar Inverter

Grid Tied

The most popular grid tied system is designed to operate with your utility company and any unused power is then fed back to the electric company to be used at a later time.

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Stand Alone

Standalone systems are designed to stand independent of the power grid and use batteries to store energy. Standalone systems are usually used in remote locations away from the energy grid.

What People are Saying About Sunbridge Solar

Great presentation of solar benefit program by Mike Muchmore. Creative design by Jordan. Excellent installation by Matt and Matt. Great followup by Adam and Haley. Already I’m seeing savings on my electricity bill. Great service from a great, great solar company!
— Sandra & Tim H. | Vancouver, WA