Clark County Electric Vehicle Program Explained

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    If you live in Clark County and have been thinking about buying an electric vehicle, know that you might be entitled to a rebate. 

    The electric vehicle (EV) program represents an effort to contribute to a sustainable, cost-effective future for Clark County. In addition to state and federal EV tax credits, you can qualify for EV rebates and credits from Clark County Utilities.

    Residential Customers

    There are rebate programs for residential customers who install electric vehicles. These programs differ according to the station’s energy capacity and connectivity to Wi-Fi. Please note that Level 1 charging stations are not eligible for the Clark County electric vehicle program. 

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    Residential Virtual Marketplace 

    Residential customers can use the virtual marketplace to acquire JuiceBox Level 2 chargers with a $500 rebate. The rebate is awarded at the moment of purchase and requires no paperwork or verification. To qualify, customers must: 

    Level 2 Networked Charger Rebate Program 

    You can earn a $500 rebate for the purchase and installation of a qualified Level 2 charging station that is “networked” or connected to Wi-Fi. The conditions are as follows: 

    Level 2 Non-Networked Charger

    Non-networked chargers need not be connected to Wi-Fi or Energy Star certified. Customers earn $100 rebates for the purchase and installation of non-networked chargers. To qualify, customers must: 

    • Purchase new EV chargers only 

    Fill out the rebate form at the time of installation.

    Mobile Connector Rebate Program

    Customers can earn $100 rebates for the purchase and installation of any mobile connector that adapts to a 240V socket. This rebate program does not require the connector to connect to Wi-Fi, nor does it need to be Energy Star certified. To qualify, customers must: 

    • Purchase new EV chargers only 
    • Fill out the rebate form at the time of installation 

    Low/Qualified Income Customers: Used EV Rebate Program

    Low and limited-income customers are eligible to receive up to $2000 for the purchase and registration of a used electric vehicle. To qualify for an electric car tax credit in Washington state, the customer must: 

    • Qualify as low or limited income and provide the appropriate verification 
    • Pay all state and local taxes on the fair market value of the new vehicle 
    • Apply for only one rebate per household 
    • Purchase the EV—gifts do not qualify for the program 
    • Purchase an EV under $20,000
    • Purchase a “light passenger vehicle” or larger vehicle (no gold cars or electric bikes, utility vehicles, motorcycles, etc.)

    Commercial and Industrial Customers

    Businesses and organizations are also eligible for several rebate and credit programs

    Level 2 Connected Charger Rebate Program 

    Your business may also earn a $500 rebate for purchasing and installing a Level 2 EV charger. 

    The criteria demand that: 

    The charger must be Energy Star certified and connected to Wi-Fi

    Level 3 Demand Charge Credit Program

    Level 3 charging stations are more powerful than Level 2 stations and thus allow your business to earn more credit. Commercial and industrial institutions are eligible for annual account credits of $1,500 for each charger under the Washington state EV rebate program. Please call or e-mail your Key Account Manager or e-mail this address for further assistance.

    We Recommend ClipperCreek

    Clipper Creek, a division of Enphase Energy, supplies high-quality EV chargers to residential and commercial buyers. Clipper Creek provides the best EV charger installation in Clark County, and their products are compatible with plug-in hybrid vehicles. They design and manufacture their products in America and are Energy Star certified.

    ClipperCreek products are affordable and require no assembly or pre-wiring. Their products are compatible with Enphase solar panels, bringing affordable solar power into your home.

    The company offers a 3-year warranty on all products and elite customer support.

    Powering Your ClipperCreek EV Stations With Solar 

    ClipperCreek has long been a leading manufacturer in the market for EV chargers. The company has sold over 110,000 Level 2 chargers since its founding in 2006. 

    ClipperCreek has the advantage of experience in the United States EV market, which is expected to expand over 40% annually over the next five years.

    The recent acquisition of ClipperCreek by global solar energy giant Enphase will usher in a new era for both EV manufacturers and consumers. Enphase, also founded in 2006, is a global leader in micro inversion technology and solar power production. 

    This merger promises revolutionary changes in the renewable energy industry and brings convenient, affordable, and sustainable solutions to customers. 

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    Adam Walters

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