2015 Nepal Humanitarian Solar Project

Solar Aid to Rural Nepal

Two Solar Empowerment Projects

Each year Sunbridge Solar gives back to both our local and international communities through the power of the sun. This year, the Sunbridge team will participate in empowering two communities in rural Nepal.

Through the process, the entire Sunbridge team will also participate in a knowledge exchange with Gham Power. Gham Power is the local Nepalese company assisting us with these projects.

This knowledge exchange, in addition to the projects themselves, will help to foster cooperation and collaboration between our cultures while helping to empower those in need.


1 9 kW Solar Water Pumping Station

Location: The Kailai Region of far Southwestern Nepal.

Reason: For hundreds of years, the inhabitants of the Kailai Region worked as indentured servants to wealthy landowners. This practice has since been abolished but many of the inequities these communities face remain. Basic amenities, such as clean drinking water, are critical and often in short supply.


Mini-Grid Project: 35 kW

Location: The Khotang District of Eastern Nepal.

Reason: The Khotang District of Nepal is heavily isolated and lacks electrical infrastructure. Nevertheless, the pressures of modernization and of the global economic system have created a serious need for electrical power. The result has been a proliferation of fossil-fuels-based solutions, like the use of diesel generators and a serious pressure to extend existing power systems.

The Micro-Grid Solar Aid Project will help to empower the region, while also significantly reducing the need for diesel fuels. It will also provide a clean, solar energy alternative to the expensive extension of existing electrical infrastructure.


An Exchange of Knowledge

These solar projects are more than a donation of time, energy and support. We believe that small businesses have a great deal to offer too —and learn from— one another. Wherever they may be located. This is why a central part of our project will be to participate in a knowledge exchange with Gham Power.

Our installers will meet with Gham Power installers to discuss best practices and explore new techniques. Jordan Weisman, the founder of Sunbridge Solar, will meet with Sandeep Giri, the CEO of Gham Power to discuss business practices and international collaboration.

Special thanks to all our past customers! Without you, this communities-in-need would still need to rely on dirty, fossil fuels.