Springwater Sciences School Goes Solar

Renewable Powered School in Oregon City

We are proud to have partnered with Springwater Environmental Sciences School, a public school in Oregon City, on an educational solar array and free solar energy lessons for students.

How It Started

An 8th-grade student from Springwater Elementary contacted us looking for help with a final project. We met with her and spent some time going over some of the basics of solar energy.

When it came time to decide on a local project, Springwater immediately came to mind. We met with the principal of the school and discussed the idea of donating a small solar array.

Zero Cost for the School

There was no cost to the school and all electricity savings would benefit them directly.

The principal was enthusiastic about the idea. She introduced us to four 8th grade girls interested in solar energy as the topic for their year end Capstone research papers. These pioneering young students became our solar-energy liaisons to the school.

As we assisted them with their research, we planned a 1 kW solar array and put together some solar energy curriculum.

The Big Day

When the big day arrived the girls were eager to help and nearly convinced us to let them get up on the roof! The principal’s better judgment won the day, however, and the girls instead played the role of paparazzi.  With photos snapping busily below, our team finished the installation and had it up and running within the week.

Our installation is now providing solid energy data, exciting curriculum opportunities, and free, clean solar power!