New Partnership With A Nepali Solar Company

Sunbridge Solar is Excited to Announce

After a dream and a lot of hard work, we have established a sister-company with our good friends in Nepal. Using the same name, Sunbridge Solar Nepal is the brainchild of Jordan Weisman and Jeevan Baidya. The idea started back in 2013 when Jordan and the team were working with Jeevan on our humanitarian solar projects.

From a Dream into Reality

In his early twenties, Jordan spent a year in Nepal studying language, culture, and trekking. Those experiences formed a strong connection and bond to the country that has kept him returning over the years. On his fifth trip over in March 2015, Jordan brought along five Sunbridge employees to work alongside Gham Power, Kathmandu-based, a humanitarian solar installation company. During that trip, Sunbridge worked closely with Gham’s project manager Jeevan Baidya.

Jeevan grew up 8 miles east of the capital city of Kathmandu. After graduating with an electrical engineering degree, he had the necessary set of skills to start his career in the renewable energy industry. His first work was in Kathmandu was for a solar equipment manufacturer in 2009. He then spent five years working for Gham Power as their lead project manager. Fast forward to today, Jeevan has completed more than 1,000 solar installations, ranging large and small.

In June 2016, Jeevan visited us to discuss a possible relationship with Sunbridge Solar. Now we’re excited to be working with Jeevan on building a solar bridge between Portland and Nepal. Sunbridge is excited to develop humanitarian solar projects in Nepal and work on long-term community development projects with villages. There is so much need and potential all across Nepal for sustainable energy development. This partnership is the first step towards those goals.