How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce in Portland, OR

How To Calculate Solar Energy Production Portland, Oregon

How much energy solar panels produce each year depends on the wattage of each module and how many sunhours an area receives over time. A sunhour is how many hours of full sun an area receives throughout the day. Now let’s assume you live in Portland, Oregon with an average of 3.1 sunhours daily.


Solar Energy Production Equation


From here we can easily determine your potential estimated yearly savings and provide a finical summary to better understand your investment. To find out how much this house might save, just multiply 9,855 kWh by the electric utility rate. For this example, we will use Portland General Electric utility price which is about $0.11.


Electric Savings from Solar Panels


As you can see, this system and location will save the customer over $1,000 alone in just one year. Assuming electric rates always go up (and never down) by switching to solar now you can lock in your savings for the future.

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