Partnering With A Nepali Solar Company

Our Good Friend and Humanitarian Solar Partner, Jeevan

Jeevan Baidya was born and raised in Nepal. He grew up in Bhaktapur, about eight miles east of the capital city of Katmandu. Bhaktapur literally translates to Place of devotees. Also known as Bhadgaon or Khwopa, it is an ancient Newar city in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley in Bhaktapur District in the Bagmati Zone.

Nepal's Current Grid Is Unreliable

From 2007-2010, the country of Nepal experienced 18 hours of blackout every day. 65% of the people in Nepal had no electricity at all,  as a result of the fact that no infrastructure existed. Nepal’s main source of power is hydroelectric advanced by India and China. Yet, the lack of infrastructure left the countryside with little or no power at all.

Jeevan's Background Leading To Solar

Jeevan completed his engineering degree in Katmandu at the age of 24. His core studies centered around electronic and communication studies. It would appear Jeevan was brazen in his choice of obtaining an engineering degree in a country that blacked itself out eighteen hours a day. The humanitarian solar community took an interest in Nepal and its lack of power. Two prominent organizations, Danida and Norad, from Denmark and Norway, respectively, worked to tackle rural Nepal’s power problem with humanitarian solar panel projects.

The organizations decided that without the necessary funding to build out infrastructure, solar energy was the only way to go. With jobs created and Jeevan having the necessary engineering skills, he became high in demand. His first job in 2009 was in Katmandu as a technical manager for a manufacturer of solar charge controllers.

In 2010, Jeevan joined a Nepali solar company that specialized in solar panel installations in urban and rural areas. To date, Jeevan has done more than a 1,000 solar installations ranging from schools, clinics, and residences.

In 2017, Jeevan is visiting us in Vancouver, Washington to discuss Sunbridge Solar’s future role in Nepal.