Solar Energy For Off-Grid Schools

Solar Powering Remote Island School Buildings

We are excited to announce our 2018 solar project in collaboration with our partners; Sunbridge Solar Columbia. The focuses of our solar project are to provide power that will be used for refrigeration, lights, and fans on two different off-grid school buildings located on Isla Grande off the coast of Cartagena.

Returning To Colombia

Last year, Sunbridge Solar completed two projects in Colombia. The first project reduced the high cost of energy for an orphanage. The second project gave energy to a remote village left in the dark. One year later, both projects exceeded expectations because people came together wanting to see better in the world.

This year, Sunbridge Solar is returning to Colombia to a place called Isla Grande (see video below). The Isla Grande has less than 1,000, mostly native, inhabitants.The entire island has no electricity and what electricity is made is generated using dirty, diesel-generators for power.


With Your Help!

This year we will construct an off-grid solar energy system that will be used for powering two classrooms for kindergarten and Pre-K children. By switching to solar power, the schools will have access to essential classroom necessities, like refrigeration, lights, and fans.

Your donation will go 100% of the materials for this project. All flights and accommodation will be covered by Sunbridge Solar and installers are donating their time. The funds will pay for solar modules, batteries, racking, and wire.

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