How To Select A Solar Contractor

Best Way to Select a Solar Contractor

Solar is a 20+ year investment. Take your time selecting the right solar contractor. There is only so much estimating you can do on your own before you will need to speak to a professional. So how do you select the solar contractor you want to talk to?

Learn First, Contract Later

To start with, we recommend that you take some time to do your own research before reaching out to a solar energy contractor.

Going solar is a long-term investment that can last for many decades. A little bit of extra time and research upfront can help ensure that you are making the best choice possible for your home and family.

Once you have a grasp of what going solar might look like, consider developing a list of questions that you would like answered, and try to have that list handy when a site estimator arrives.

Who Should You Trust? Trust Reviews From Customers

Look for a track record of happy customers and look for a way to confirm their experiences. Many reliable companies, like Sunbridge Solar, use a third-party quality assurance company. These companies provide survey questions to customers for honest feedback. We use a company called, “Guild Quality” to provide these customer reviews and we make them publicly available so anyone can see them.

Another way to verify whether a solar contractor is an experienced solar company is to look their quality rating by the Energy Trust of Oregon. The Energy Trust is the incentive verifier for the entire state of Oregon. They verify every solar electric system and creates a quarterly rating report for each solar contractor. This makes them a highly trusted name for quality and assurance