6 Steps to Estimate Your PV System Cost

Estimating Your PV Costs in 6 Steps

Installing solar panels on your home or business is the best way to save money. However, estimating the cost of going solar varies per project because each home and business has a set of their own unique structure. To get a ballpark estimate, we suggest you to follow the same 6 step process Sunbridge Solar consultants use to estimate how much a solar power system will cost. Below is a summary of the six steps:

  1. Estimate your home electricity needs.

  2. Make a best estimate of your future electricity costs.

  3. Determine the average amount of sunlight your house receives yearly.

  4. Choose the size of your PV system.

  5. Include the rebates available to you.

  6. And then, based on all of the information collected, calculate your estimated cost.

At the end of the day, your best bet is to get quote from reliable, reputable solar contractor in order to understand the capital investment required for your particular situation. To find out if solar is right for you, feel free to contact us to speak directly to one of Sunbridge’s experienced solar consultants today.