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APS Residential ECU

APS Residential ECU

How to Fix the ECU’S Internet Connenticity.

(Source: APsystems)

To fix your ECU’s internet, it should first be plugged in to the wall and on. You should also have another way to verify your home network is working. Verification can be through another computer or laptop connecting to the WiFi your ECU is also on.

If no other computers in your home have access to the Internet, do not proceed until you have independently verified that Internet access has been established.

Check the window of the ECU for a signal showing either:

  • +Web or...

  • -Web

If the ECU is showing “+Web” then the unit has access to the Internet.

If the ECU is showing “-Web” then the unit has not yet been able to access the Internet. If other systems in the house have Internet access, then this problem may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Your Router/modem could have a hardware issue such as a port failure, or...

  • Your system has a firewall that is blocking access, or...

  • Some older routers have a very limited number of IP addresses available or a fixed IP and your existing computer equipment has already taken all the IP addresses available.

A classic symptom of this would be that the ECU would display something as follows:

234kwh 012!

The 192.xxx (or some number other than 60.xxx) is telling you that the Router is able to see the ECU, but the ECU is still not able to get through the Router to the Internet for some reason.


This is a problem with your existing hardware that will need assistance from a qualified IT professional. If your hardware is several years old, it might be cheaper to buy a new Router to replace your existing equipment.

Need Further Assistance?

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