A Closer Look at the Oregon Solar Incentive Offers for 2022

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    2022 Oregon Solar Budget and Incentives

    While the 2021 solar incentives budget had plenty of growth, 2022 will welcome the biggest budget for solar incentives that Energy Trust has ever approved for the program.

    However, there’s still plenty of excitement surrounding the new year’s solar incentives budget, especially when it comes to counting the total number of incentives that got paid out, applications, capacity, and installations. 2021’s budget may have been ambitious, but the 2022 Oregon Solar incentives are only building on that momentum.

    A Closer Look

    The biggest change that Energy Trust has made with its incentive offers for 2022 has to do with standard residential projects. Rather than using capacity-based incentives for these projects and approved contractors, the organization is now transitioning to flat incentives, which could lead to incentive adders in the future.

    But when it comes to Energy Trust solar incentives 2022, the organization wants to keep its incentive offers predictable as well as follow up on existing, stable projects with incentive maximums for the project. Some of the highest incentives and caps for solar panels include Solar for tribes and Solar for affordable multi-family properties.

    For the exact numbers on how incentive capacities and rates are allocated, you can refer to the table below.

    Portland General Electric Pacific Power
    Solar for OR Nonprofits $1.50/W up to $120,000 N/A
    Solar for Homes $1,200 $900
    Solar for Tribes $1.50/W up to $120,000 $1.25/W up to $75,000
    Solar Within Reach $1.40/W up to $8,400 $0.70/W up to $4,200
    Solar for Businesses $0.45 - $0.20/W up to $35,000 $0.20/W up to $20,000
    Solar for Affordable Multi-Family Properties $1.50/W up to $120,000 $1.25/W up to $75,000

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    How Much Has Been Allocated For the 2022 Solar Program Budget?

    With $12 million headed towards solar incentives, solar electric, and PV system, the 2022 preliminary budget can be broken down into four main categories: standard installation incentives, early design and development incentives, equity-focused installation incentives, and small-scale community projects.

    Keep in mind that, as the preliminary budget, these numbers can still change as the solar company’s priorities or market demand does. Here’s a breakdown of system costs, net cost, and cash incentives for the 2022 Oregon solar budget: 

    Equity-Focused Installation Incentives

    This part of the program has seen $4.7 million in allocations, which falls under the umbrella of some of the small-scale community projects – like Solar Within Reach – as well as some of the non-residential projects that still qualify and are located in the jurisdiction of Portland General Electric

    Standard Installation Incentives

    For both business and residential customers that deal with Pacific Power and Portland General Electric, the allocations for incentives aren’t equal. While Portland General Electric customers will see $2.8 million in allocation, Energy Trust will distribute $1.2 million to Pacific Power

    Early Design and Development Incentives

    For programs like Solar Ready, Solar Development Assistance, and Community Solar Development Assistance, the solar electric organization has given $280,000 for Pacific Power and $600,000 for Portland General Electric. 

    Small-Scale Community Projects

    The small-scale community projects, which include Solar Within Reach, will see $2.8 million in allocations from the solar contractor, Energy Trust.

    Planned Reductions for the 2022 Oregon Solar Budget

    Like any solar budget, Energy Trust has some planned reductions for the new budget, and its goal is to manage these rates through incentive “steps.” Rather than cut incentives drastically, the renewable energy organization has found it to be more effective to reduce incentives gradually. 

    With project costs only falling over time, the market for solar panels and a solar energy system is only growing  – which means Energy Trust of Oregon and the trade ally contractor must work within the means of their limited budget. 

    Since this is still the preliminary budget, cash incentives, storage rebate program, and all other aspects of the budget are still subject to change at the December 2021 meeting  – for more updates on the incentives, you can keep up with the budget here

    Are There New Planned Offers For 2022 Oregon Solar Budget?

    The new Solar Program is going to come equipped with plenty of new offers in 2022, and much of this is possible because of House Bill 3141, which extended the funding for Energy Trust and the Department of Energy. Besides federal tax credits, these planned offers will center around community resilience, low-income customers, and more grid flexibility.

    solar panels and sun flowers

    Ready to Switch to Solar?

    So, if you are interested in learning more about Energy Trust’s solar incentive programs or think you could qualify for one, please contact us. We will be able to answer all of your questions.

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    Adam Walters

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